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straight razor wire

straight razor wire


Roll length: 100m

Straight razor wire is placed in a straight line.
Many rows of straight razor wires can be used to secure any existing fence, wall or balconies etc.
It does not overhang in adjacent properties and does not cause injuries to innocent passers-by.
To achieve an effective and comprehensive solution for your fence, install straight razor wire.

It is made of 0.5 mm-thick hot-galvanised steel sheet and 2.5 mm-thick high-carbon galvanised wire.
It does not bear clips or wire stapling rings.
The use of galvanised materials significantly extends the useful life of the products.

As it bears steel wire, straight razor wire cannot be cut like common barbed wire, while it is easily installed and dismantled,
allowing you to use it repeatedly.
It is the most economical and effective solution to protect your property from burglars.

Uses: factories, airports, power substations, high-security prisons, hospitals, roads, homes, construction sites, balconies,
roofs of buildings, ports, photovoltaic parks, parking lots, windows, on concrete walls and wherever extra security is needed.
It can be supported on a concrete wall, on special mounts, screwed, hung, or tied.

It comes packaged in individual cartons (more expensive solution) or bundled with steel straps on wooden pallets with corrugated cardboard wrapping.

Pdf with types: BT10 BT22 BT25


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