3d fencing

3d fencing

Wire thickness: first and last wire 6,00mm, vertical wire 4,00mm, horizontal wire 5,00mm
Mesh: 50x200mm, 50x50mm for the beam sections
Panel height: 1,03m, 1,23m, 1,53m, 1,73m, 2,03m, 2,23m, 2,43m
Panel length: 2,50m
Vertical pale dimensions: 60x40x1,50mm

3d fencing can be installed very easily and quickly.
It is mostly used in factories, parks, schools, hospitals, electricity substations and in any other place where complete security and protection of sites is necessary.
No maintenance is required. For further security, concertina wire can be stretched over the panel.

  • Excellent quality of welding.
  • Complete zinc coating.
  • Waterproofing of zinc coating with a galvanic layer.
  • Powder coating for protection and durability.

Galvanizing: DIN 50961

Coloring: DIN EN ISO 2081, Electrostatic paint in RAL hues (on request)

Varnishing: Powder coating: EN 13438

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