Grateland 2

Grateland 2

The fence type “Grateland 2” is made of welded panels.
Each panel consists of 25x2mm or 25x3mm vertical blades and 6mm thick horizontal rods.
The formed mesh measures 132x132mm
The posts of the panels are made of 50x8 or 60x8 or 80x8 or IPN 80 blades, suitable for mounting on concrete walls and
are selected according to the height of the panel.

The fence type "Grateland 2" can be placed very quickly and easily.
It is used mainly for fencing factories, parks, schools, hospitals, electricity substations and all other premises where absolute security and protection are required.
No maintenance is required. For added security, barbed wire can be mounted at the top of the panel.

S 235 JR steel (EN10025)

Hot-dip galvanising:
ISO 1461.

Electrostatic coating in RAL colours (on request)

Fastening and fixing materials:
M8x30 Inox antitheft bolt and M8x90 Express connectors

Pdf with types.

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